What Is PetPointer?

PetPointer calculates the pet-friendliness of any address based on five factors:


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Let's go on a walk! Whether it's your dog chasing a frisbee and meeting other pups, or your cat doing leash-training for outdoor adventures, play areas make for happy pets. Close parks contribute to a high score in this category.


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Pet checkups can be hard, and emergencies are worse. But when the time comes, you want to have good veterinary care nearby. The vet score is based on Yelp users' ratings of the vets closest to your location.

Pet Services

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Time to restock on kibble and litter? Want to buy a spur-of-the-moment treat? Or maybe your pet is in need of grooming, training or pet-sitting? The pet services score is determined by Yelp users' ratings of nearby providers of pet goods and services.

Property Size

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Pets spend a lot of time at home, so having plenty of space to rest and roam is essential to their wellbeing. Indoor and outdoor square footage of the property are both counted in the property size score.


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Excessive noise from construction, traffic and neighborhood events can negatively impact your pet's health. The noise score factors in the prevalence and intensity of noise pollution near your location. Limited to searches in Seattle.